Britney Spears

Albüm: Britney

To think I was so naive
How dare you play with me
I gave you heart and soul yeah
Tell me baby please
Why you screwin' with my head
I don't think you understand
I wont take your (gasp) no more
Don't knock on my door
Not this time
Because I recognize
I've heard it all before
And I-I-I-I
I Think of the time I wasted
Think of all the times that I took you back

Ain't no way I'll be lonely
I don't wanna let you back
And lets just face it
I'm better off alone and I won't turn back
You thought that I would be lonely
I don't wanna let you back and...

Don't tell me how to feel
Or say that you're for real
My minds made up I'm cool without ya
You got no more appeal