Britney Spears
Gimme More

It's Britney Bitch
I see you n i jus wanna dance with you

Everytime they turn the lights down
Just wanna go that extra mile for you
Display of affection
Feels like no one else in the room

We can get down like theres no one around
We keep on rockin', we keep on rockin'
Cameras are flashin my way, dirty dancer
They keep watchin, keep watchin'
Feels like the privacy

Gimme Gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more (repeat 4)

Centre of attention, even when your up against the wall
You got me in a crazy position (uh huh)
If your on a mission (ooh)
You got my permission ooohhh


[Nakarat](repeat 4)

I just can't control myself, more
They wan't more? Well i'll give them more

[Nakarat](repeat 4)

Gimme more gimme more
Gimme more gimme more babe
I just want more

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme (repeat 4)